A woman reportedly found a suitor when she fell asleep at the movies and woke up to find that a stranger was holding her hand.

The story, which was shared on a “Love Confessions” Facebook page, recounted that the woman had planned a movie date with her friends to watch a movie however, her friends failed to show up so she ended up going to the cinema alone.

“When I was inside I saw that a handsome guy was sitting next to me. However, I had accidentally fallen asleep for about 20 minutes during one part of the movie and woke up suddenly to find that the guy next to me was holding my hand!” she wrote in the Facebook page post.

She noted that she tried to let go of the man’s hand, but he held on tightly. Eventually she gave in and the two held hands for the entire movie.

“He let go of my hand at that time and walked out of the cinema. He looked very handsome from the back as well. He looks like he was about 183cm tall, wearing Levi’s jeans and a jacket as well as some Vans sneakers. Why didn’t you give me your contact number?” she said.


And as with all fairy tales, this one had a ‘happy ending’ (depending on your perspective).

In hopes of finding her missed connection, the woman decided to post her story on Facebook. Some of the members thought that she was merely dreaming the whole thing. They were all shocked 12 hours later when the poster confirmed that she had found him.

“I’m the girl who watched Aladdin and met the handsome guy next to me. Thanks to this page, I managed to find the guy as he was one of the people who liked the original post. We chatted for a while and confirmed that we were indeed sitting next to each other in the cinema,” she said in her follow-up post.

She wrote: “He invited me out for a meal and we decided to be friends first.

“I would also like to thank my friend who cancelled on me so I had the opportunity to meet this guy!”

Well, whether this is ‘happily ever after’ for the heroine remains to be seen and only time will tell.

That said, while everyone loves a real life fairy tale, it would be remiss of us to ignore the fact that such actions should not be encouraged or romanticized.

In other words, don’t go holding a stranger’s hand (men or women) without their permission; and especially not when they’re sleeping.

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